Treatment Philosophy

I find people seek counseling because they want to feel better, but it can be intimidating. Sometimes walking in for an appointment itself is an act of courage.  I strive to provide a place where people can relax and feel safe.

My approach to therapy is simple … In with the good, out with the bad.  I believe the vast majority of problems we experience are caused by a combination of two factors; carrying around too much stuff from the past, and not taking good enough care of ourselves.

The symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Abuse can all manifest from not cleaning up the past and from practicing poor self care in in the present.

Using a variety of approaches including, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, EMDR, and Process Work,  my clients and I work together to shift this balance. As people get better at nurturing themselves and begin to let go of the weight of the past, they feel better.

In between sessions I will ask you to focus on practicing self care (in with the good), and in session, we will work together on the hard stuff (out with the bad)

No matter what, life is going to continue to be hard sometimes. What’s important is being able to maintain your inner capacity to cope. To me, the goal of therapy is trusting that you know what you can do to help yourself, and trusting that you have support when you need it.

Simple, but not easy.  You don’t have to keep doing it alone. I am here to help.


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