What My Clients Say…


You truly have been a huge help in helping me become the person I am now, and for that I am eternally grateful.— D.

When I used to think about going to therapy, I was like ick. But now when I think about it, I’m like, ‘Yay! I get to see Wendy!’— P.

One thing that has helped me is that you taught me to really think and decide if my thinking is rational or not. Many times it is not. Also, you helped me to realize that not everything bad that happens is my fault. when things get really bad you taught me to write about it until I get it all out. You helped me with guilt feelings.

I was able to tell you thingsthat I couldn’t tell anyone.—K


I had experienced a handful of therapists who were pretty standard, stereotypical therapists and for me, they were very ineffective. As a result, I was somewhat cynical about therapy, but was strongly referred to see Wendy. When I decided to have my initial consultation with Wendy, I did not have a specific “issue” that I needed help dealing with. I simply told her that I would like to do some “spring cleaning of the mind” – I felt like I needed to get grounded and centered; clear out some baggage that I had accumulated over my life. Wendy helped me do exactly that and I have continued to see her off and on for about 8 years.

She has an amazing way of working with her patients – completely customized to the personality of each person. She helps you find your own answers and solutions, and does it in a way that empowers you and gives you the lasting tools to help yourself. With previous therapists, I felt like I already knew what they were going to say before they said it. With Wendy, she could take my perspective on a situation and turn it 45 degrees and hand it back to me, and the simplicity of the answer would always shock me that I hadn’t figured it out myself. She is respectful, kind and very wise. I feel completely safe opening up and letting go of whatever issues I may be experiencing. I always feel lighter after every time I meet with her.

I’ve never met a therapist or counselor who so genuinely cares for her patients as Wendy does. She is completely dedicated to you during your session and she has a broad range of techniques to help you work through whatever you need help with. I have recommended her to many of my closest friends and family and I would give her the highest review in a heartbeat. She has a truly amazing presence and an incredible style, working as a partner in bettering one’s life. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re needing help with – Wendy can make a significant impact on your life and help you progress through your personal journey.—J

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