LPC Supervision

I provide LPC supervision for masters level clinicians who are working toward their LPC licensure. 

I believe you have to be able to meet each client individually where they are.  There are many wonderful treatment modalities available yet the most accurate predictor of success is still the quality of the therapeutic relationship. 

I also believe that in order to be truly prepared to be in private practice you need to know what to do when you come in contact with serious clinical acuity and you need to be able to interact with the prevailing medical model. Regardless if you believe in diagnosis or not you still need to be able to speak the language

Twenty years ago I began my career working for the dark side, otherwise known as managed care. I was the Director of Clinical Services for a small locally owned managed care company here in Colorado. During my five years there I reviewed literally thousands of clinical presentations.

I continued for the next few years in executive management positions on both the payer and provider side of the business. 

I have some interesting stories to tell about survival in corporate settings.

In 2001 I had enough and went into private practice.  Since then I have been happy and know that I am doing what I was put on this planet to do. I have worked with a variety of individuals, couples and families.  I specialize in trauma, which of course pertains to almost everyone.

I have been an emergency crisis clinician for the last 8 years working in emergency rooms to determine if individuals need to be hospitalized in a psychiatric facility. I get to evaluate individuals in very serious and extreme states.

It is fascinating and profoundly satisfying work. Regardless if my client is suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, or gravely disabled I get to leave the evaluation knowing that I have been able to help them.  

Often I’ve had people tell me I have saved their lives. Which is dramatic and probably not true, but it sure does feel nice.

I consider myself lucky to have amassed a variety of clinical experience over the years. I began to provide professional supervision 5 years ago and find that it is where I have the most fun. 

I think having fun is very important.


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