Anxiety & Hypnosis

Depression really sucks. But anxiety makes you want to run through a wall. Much of the time in therapy it’s possible to uncover the roots of anxiety.

By getting to the roots of why we’re anxious, and either being able to process or change the circumstances behind the anxiety, makes a huge difference. It may be a current situation that is very difficult that you’re worried about. That worry then gets generalized to other aspects of your life.

Most often anxiety is the emotional manifestation of the physiological experience of fight, flight, freeze, or freakout. Over time your brain gets wired so the anxiety may not be based in a specific situation, but instead becomes the “normal” way of responding. Situational anxiety is when you can pinpoint a specific reason for your anxiousness. Generalized, or physiological anxiety, is when you just worry about things all the time that you know you don’t need to worry about.

There are multiple approaches to the treatment of anxiety, but in my opinion, the most crucial coping skill that must be developed is the ability to relax. This is where hypnosis comes in. I’m not talking about stage magician hypnosis and I won’t make you quack like a duck! What I’m talking about really boils down to self-hypnosis. I will show you through hypnotic induction and guided visualization what it feels like to fully relax. With lots of repetition and by adding EMDR techniques into the mix, I can teach you how to shift your physiology and achieve deep relaxation on your own.

The hypnosis helps you set your “rational” mind aside and gives me access to your subconscious. EMDR creates a chemical environment that allows your brain to accept and process the relaxation on the deepest levels.¬†It’s not possible to experience deep relaxation and anxiety at the same time.¬†With a better understanding of the core reasons for your anxiety and by practicing the techniques I will teach you, you will be able to ward off anxiety attacks and manage your day-to-day experiences from a much more resourced place.

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